Penthouse for sale 80 m²

18035 Dolceacqua IM, Italië

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For Sale

€.  110.000

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In Dolceacqua is this penthouse for sale 80 m², must be completely renovated. The apartment is on the fourth floor of a beautiful old building above the village square with restaurants and bars. Overlooking the centuries old Doria castle and the “Monet” bridge.

Good price, interesting investment and extension possible by buying the adjacent space.

Summary of the Penthouse for sale 80 m²:

  • 80 m²
  • Beautiful views
  • Fourth floor
  • Extension possible

Distances from Dolceacqua (city center) to:

  • Airport Nice ca. 59 km
  • France (Menton) : ca. 21 km
  • Monaco : ca. 36 km
  • Nearest Italian city’s : Ventimiglia ca. 10 km / San Remo ca. 23 km
  • Sea/beach : ca. 9 km
(Disclaimer: Although we carefully proceed, the above description is an impression of the facilities and details of the object which are not necessarily correct. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.)

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