Lot for sale 11500 m² - Dolceacqua

Lot for sale 11500 m²

18035 Dolceacqua IM, Italië

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For Sale

€.  310.000

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On this beautiful estate are three to be renovated houses / rustico’s with walls of 70 cm thick for sale piece for piece in good condition.
Interesting expansion possibilities in case of an agricultural project. The “piano casa” law is valid and an expansion of 35% is allowed.

An incredible project for rental and wonderful investment.

Summary of the lot for sale 11500 m²:

  • The main house consists of three floors of 45 m² each, 135 m² in total
  • The second house consists of two floors of 60 m² each, 120 m² in total
  • The third house has one floor of 35 m².
  • A water source is present
  • An olive orchard with 200 trees and 400 liters olive oil production

Distances from Dolceacqua (city center) to:

  • Airport Nice: ca. 59 km
  • France (Menton) : ca. 21 km
  • Monaco : ca. 36 km
  • Nearest Italian city’s : Ventimiglia ca. 10 km / San Remo ca. 23km
  • Ski area Limone Piemonte : ca. 70 km
  • Sea/beach : ca. 9 km
(Note: the description below is an overview of the facilities and details of the object which is not necessarily complete. Please contact us for specific wishes or questions.)
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