Lot for sale 6000 m²

18035 Dolceacqua IM, Italië

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For Sale

€.  140.000

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In Dolceaqua we have this Lot for sale 6000 m².
On the lot is a beautiful old rustico. The surface is about 90 m². With the addition “Piano Casa” it may be increased with another twenty percent.
The rustico also needs to be completely restored since on three different levels it is not interconnected.
The road leading to the lot is completely paved except for the last 50 meters, which can be easily realized.

The location is simply magnificent. Situated in the beautiful Ligurian mountains, over Dolceaqua and in the middle of 5000 m² well maintained olive groves. The view is beautiful over the surrounding mountains and the medieval villages in the area.

Dolceaqua is a beautifully restored medieval village with all the modern facilities and several cosy bars and restaurants. The old and the new part are seperated by the river “Nervia”and connected by a medieval arched bridge.
On top of the village lies the impressive ruins of the Doria castle.

The perfect location to built the house of your dreams and an excellent investment.
Summary of the Lot for sale 6000m²

  • Peace
  • Space
  • Magnificent views

Street level

  • Bathroom
  • Two bedrooms

Distances from Dolceacqua (city centre) to:

Airport Nice:ca. 59 km
Sea/beach :ca. 9 km
France (Menton) :ca. 21 km
Monaco :ca. 36 km
Ski area Limone Piemonte :ca. 70 km
Nearest Italian city’s: 
- Ventimigliaca. 10 km
- San Remoca. 23 km
- Imperiaca. 58 km

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