Lot for sale 15000 m² - Perinaldo

Lot for sale 15000 m²

18032 Perinaldo IM, Italië

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For Sale

€.  200.000

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Unique building lot for sale 15000 m² with Rustico of 70 m².
1.5 hectares of land mostly flat terrain with fantastic view “mare e monti” (sea and mountains) sun all day long.
Here one can realize a house of 130 m² plus storage and garage.
If the new owner is making an agricultural project for instance an olive grove, then the index will be doubled and there can be realized a house of 200 sqm .

Enough space to build a tennis court or swimming pool.

Distances from Perinaldo (city center) to:

  • Airport Nice: ca. 68 km
  • France (Menton) : ca. 29 km
  • Monaco : ca. 39 km
  • Nearest Italian city’s : Ventimiglia ca. 18 km / San Remo ca. 21km
  • Ski area Limone Piemonte : ca. 82 km
  • Sea/beach : ca. 23 km
(Note: the description below is an overview of the facilities and details of the object which is not necessarily complete. Please contact us for specific wishes or questions.)
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